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    Another Verity Solutions True Story

    September 19, 2019

    Another Verity Solutions True Story

    Another Verity Solutions True Story

    The Account Manager vs. the Bad Character

    Here at Verity Solutions, our 340B Account Management team is dedicated to going above and beyond for our clients. We do our best to help shoulder the task of managing your 340B program and ease any frustrations that may come up. Let’s face it, it’s a complicated program! But it’s what we do best. Here’s another Verity Solutions True Story from one of our highly trained expert Account Managers…

    “A customer reached out because they weren’t able to see a transaction in the V340B software. I investigated and confirmed it was in the customer’s file but was not being processed. Looking deeper into it, I figured out it was due to an issue with the way their report was written that an extra character was replacing another character, which is important for the file to be read. The customer didn’t have a way of identifying these lines since they weren’t seeing them in their system.  I used a query which found all of the transaction lines that were not processing, searching through 500 files across 5 different hospital sites. This equated to 1000’s of lines since the issue dated back to several months prior. I was able to create a new file from that data that could be processed, capturing the missing 340B savings.”

    Are you getting this kind of service from your 340B TPA?