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    A Culture of Customer Satisfaction

    December 5, 2022

    It begins with our team. Every Verity team member feels a deep sense of purpose to their work and an immeasurable commitment to helping our customers achieve their goals with the 340B program. We are inspired by people’s passion for their work and the direct impact of the 340B Program as part of the healthcare safety net in our local communities.

    To that end, we hire people motivated by a spirit of continuous learning and a desire to do purposeful work that provides meaning. They are drawn to the ever-changing landscape of the 340B program. Our team members have a vast diversity of experience gained from working in 340B hospital systems, community health centers, other TPAs, and retail pharmacies.

    Together, we hold ourselves to the highest of standards. Our commitment to customer satisfaction has helped us develop a robust approach to hold ourselves accountable to those standards. In fact, our new account managers and support team members undergo five weeks of structured training before ever talking to a customer to ensure understanding of our products, the 340B program, and our culture of empowered support.

    Finally, we invest in listening to our customers to help us understand our strengths and our opportunities to focus on improving our services and our products.

    While it’s true these are not revolutionary concepts, we take them very seriously.

    Gathering feedback

    The cornerstone of how we gather feedback centers on a survey of every Verity client every six months. We solicit feedback on service, product, and partnership areas. Typically, we get a very meaningful response rate and our customers are not shy about sharing their thoughts! This well of deep feedback offers us insight into our customer relationships and is shared across the "Account Management is a strength of Verity."company to ensure we provide the best solutions to support our customers and team members. It is also used to follow up with customers directly that wish to have deeper, in-person engagement. This customer survey program has proven to be a key component of our success through prompting open dialogue and surfacing rich, actionable data that represents our customer base.

    In addition to our internal surveys, Verity is a member of KLAS Research. KLAS Research feedback compliments our internal survey, focusing on areas such as value, relationship, product, culture, loyalty, and operations. We use this mainly as a directional indicator for strategic considerations due to the smaller sample size.

    Our feedback programs provide meaningful data and insights that allow us to continually drive improvements to our services and products. It starts with the innate desire of the Verity team to do what is right for our clients – this is what really makes a difference. We’re in it for the long-haul and with our clients every step of the way.